MDI school rankings … how do we stack up?

SOMESVILLE, Sept. 17, 2020 – It’s anyone’s guess what this year will hold as the pandemic wreaks havoc with standardized testing in schools.

The Covid-19 risk, coupled with ongoing uncertainties about what schools will look like next year, is prompting states to consider another year without testing and may lead the federal government to delay the main National Assessment of Educational Progress in reading and math for the first time ever, Education Week reported.

Which leaves us with only historical data to assess the performance of our schools. On MDI, That’s a blessing, as the island’s schools continue their extraordinary above-average report cards.

Based on test results for 2019 – the last year results were universally accepted – MDI high school and its K-8 schools ranked among the top schools in Maine, with one glaring exception, Tremont Consolidated School, which received some warning signs.

The school ranking site has Mount Desert Elementary School as the No. 8 school in Maine, following by Connors-Emerson (Bar Harbor) at No. 11 and Pemetic in Southwest Harbor at No. 13. That went against prevailing belief that Connors-Emerson is the best elementary school on MDI.,8

Tremont Consolidated School was ranked No. 36.

But another site has very different rankings. ranks Connor-Emerson in Bar Harbor as No. 19 in the state, and Mount Desert Elementary School as No. 37. Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor was ranked 41. You may search for your school here

“I wouldn’t want to be blind for four years from 2019 to 2023, in one of the most critical and volatile periods in American educational history,” said Andrew Ho, Harvard University education economist.

Year Avg Standard Score Statewide Rank Total # Ranked Elementary Schools ME State Percentile SchoolDigger Rating
2006 54.74 75th 192 60.9%  
2007 63.98 54th 198 72.7%  
2008 69.37 42nd 195 78.5%  
2009 73.80 16th 209 92.3%  
2010 43.07 119th 193 38.3%  
2011 57.49 71st 186 61.8%  
2012 43.88 159th 258 38.4%  
2013 53.29 119th 261 54.4%  
2015 78.41 68th 284 76.1%  
2016 61.14 86th 255 66.3%  
2017 51.90 113th 256 55.9%  
2018 37.82 175th 254 31.1%  

What is happening in Tremont where is reporting that “Tremont Consolidated School is not ranked due to insufficient test score?” According to, Tremont was ranked 175th in the state in 2018, the last year data was available, the lowest it’s ever been ranked.

But there is plenty of good news. Mount Desert High School ranks No. 10 among the 114 high schools in Maine, according to The following chart shows how MDI HS compares with other Maine high schools. MDI boasts a student/teacher ratio of 10.5 among its 545 students. In 2019 the calculated Average Standard Score was at 93.18 percentile compared to the rest of the state.

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