Ways to combat cabin fever? How about going back to school?

SOMESVILLE, Oct. 23, 2020 – I am anticipating my first winter in Maine with hope and not a small amount of dread. The band of hearty MDI year-round residents – of which I am not yet one – had no shortage of advice on FaceBook.

“Make sure you go outside every day,” was the most frequent and prominent.

“Get grippers for your boots and fresh air every day. Take up a hobby and get a book wish list going,” wrote Geneva Chase Langley. “Winter is my favorite. I couldn’t do summer without a good winter!”

I’ll bet she was a cheerful type during middle school. There’s always an outlier.

Then there are the jokes. “My advice is move to Florida….” said Chuck Alley.

I’ll probably just hunker down in front of my laptop and check the weather forecast every 15 minutes.

That was my plan until I received a draft of the proposed winter courses offered by Acadia Senior College which I now intend to publish at the risk of the line-jumpers who will sit on the enrollment tab on registration day Dec. 2 and lock me out of a class.

There are seven courses planned and I am tempted to enroll in all. Earl Brechlin’s “So You think you know Maine” is a natural for the QSJ. By January we will be in either Trump’s second term or President Biden’s inaugural haze. Whichever way, I’ll need sustenance from historian Gregory Bush. And the enigmatic tales of Henry James and Joseph Conrad by Bill Dohmen will also get my attention.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is winter-offer.jpg

This is the 20th anniversary of the senior college which was started in 2001 by Jim and Dorothy Clunan, both of whom are struggling with health issues. There have been 8,271 registrations and 745 courses taught. Here is a good article in the Bangor Daily News when the college was launched. https://www.acadiaseniorcollege.org/userfile/Freedom%20to%20Learn%20BDN_Article_2001_02_20.pdf

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