Hearth&Harbor shows off oven, opening with takeout Nov. 11

SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Nov. 7, 2020 – It’s not exactly the most propitious time of the year to open a new restaurant on the Quietside but the owners of Hearth&Harbor next to the library at 336 Main Street are willing to give it a go after working behind veiled windows covered by newspapers since summer.

QSJ was dubious last summer when they promised they would open in 2020 but apparently they will.

Starting Nov. 11, they will offer takeout and work their way eventually to indoor dining. The restaurant will be open year-round, the owners said, joining Sips as the two year-round establishments. Drydock Cafe’s last day is today Nov. 7. Rogue Cafe has been opening three nights in previous winters but have not announced its intentions this year.

Nonetheless, H&H will be a welcome oasis in the barren winter of MDI. Even in Bar Harbor, the offerings are sparse and unpredictable. One good ice storm could drive an owner to hibernate in Florida.

Hearth&Harbor sent me its menu which is posted here. If the clam pie is anything remotely close to Pepe’s in New Haven I shall be ordering it on a weekly basis.

The centerpiece of H&H is a beautiful pizza oven made with special tiles which were fired with silt from the Rhone Valley in France.

Pizzas will be 12 inches and start around $12 apiece.

Two restaurants on MDI have popularized this concept – Blaze and Sweet Pea Cafe.

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