Major disruption to carriage road around Eagle Lake in 2021

BAR HARBOR, Jan. 16, 2021 – Work has begun in earnest to rehabilitate and upgrade the carriage road around Eagle Lake which will affect hikers and bikers for much of the 2021 season.

Map of carriage road system and trails around Eagle Lake

Construction began recently on a short access route between the carriage road and a staging area at the south end of Liscomb Pit Road in Bar Harbor. Once work begins this spring on the carriage road itself, the entire loop is expected to close, and individual segments around the lake will then reopen as they become available. A short connector between Intersections #6 and #9, located along state Route 233, will remain open as much as possible (See map). 

“Recreationists should anticipate closures generally from one intersection to another from April 15-November 15, 2021 weather and schedule permitting,” The Park Service said. “Those planning to recreate on the Eagle Lake Carriage Road for any activity during this time should consult Current Conditions to determine the exact closures for any specific timeframe.

“This work, originally scheduled for 2020, experienced delays in scheduling.”

Harold MacQuinn Inc. of Hancock is performing the work. The photo above shows an access road down to the lake connecting with a staging area on Liscomb Pit Road.

The work to be performed on the Eagle Lake Carriage Road includes:

  • Rehabilitation of the existing carriage road surface and subgrade, 6+ miles. 
  • Rehabilitation of existing drainage features including roadside ditches, stone-lined drainage channels, and select culverts. 
  • Reconstruction of several sections of dry-laid stone masonry retaining walls. 
  • Stabilization of stone slope protection walls between the carriage road and areas with steeper slopes. 

“Upon completion of this project, all 45 miles of historic carriage roads in Acadia National Park will have undergone this type of improvement to ensure the preservation of the resource and the experience for future generations. Acadia National Park contains nationally significant cultural resources including the best and most extensive example of a historic carriage road system in the United States.”

The work is currently planned for completion by mid-September.  The Island Explorer bus system and Bike Express will not provide service to Eagle Lake in 2021. 

“Upon completion, this project will cure $1.3 million in deferred maintenance, and all 45 miles of historic carriage roads in the park will have undergone this type of improvement. Friends of Acadia has been raising money and providing support for the initiative since 1991,” The Park Service said.

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